Wootz Design

The Wootz EDC is the ideal tool for any adventure where weight and space are a consideration. Its versatility makes it a must-have companion for every adventurer, or either you’re just grilling in the backyard with a cold one.

What Makes Us Different?

It's not easy to find the perfect pocket tool with a side clip, folding blade, and a bottle opener. Around two years ago we challenged ourselves to create a tool that would be light, practical and affordable. Every function of the Wootz EDC had to work great in its own right. For durability, stainless steel 440C was a perfect choice.

It's manufactured from the highest-carbon stainless steel and weighs just 1.9 ounces or 55 grams. The Wootz EDC handles common BBQ functions in a pleasing, easy to handle shape.

Great camping tool. Works well for that baked potato wrapped in foil after it is cooked and needs to come out of the campfire. You can poke it to make sure it is done, and then cut the foil open without burning yourself, all with the same tool you used to start the fire.

Tomás Duane

About Us

Meelis Kuusk


Wootz EDC (Every Day Carry) founders wished to reduce the amount of gear you would need when heading into the wild, knowing that every ounce on your back becomes a kilogram when carried over the distance.

Our team consists of curios-minded mavericks, creating unique products that are practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing in the real world.